PROJECT: Ongoing Editorial illustration for Willamette Week.
THE TEAM: Creative Director- Kathleen Marie
MY ROLE: Freelance Illustrator

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THE ARTICLE: Relax the Hounds

THE CONCEPT: This article was focused on all the amenities awaiting pets in Portland. Pet motels, spas, restaurants and more! The illustrations take a shoots and ladders approach to visual communication. 

THE MEDIUM: Ink and Digital (Photoshop)


THE ARTICLE: The Cop's Exes and Uh-Ohs

THE CONCEPT: This story was focused on a crooked, abusive cop, protected by law enforcement.
This blue wall (Portland Police) should protect the public, but often does the opposite by keeping predatory police officers in uniform. 

MEDIUM: Paper cut collage. Photographed and retouched in Photoshop. 


THE ARTICLE: Marriage Duel

THE CONCEPT: This article is centered around the competing approaches of legalizing gay marriage.  
The concepts are simple. Oregon marks a legal document with the pink equal sign, while two sides of the pink equal sign march in different direction to reach the same conclusion. 

MEDIUM: Ink and watercolor.  


THE ARTICLE: Circular Logic

THE CONCEPT: This article explains the out of control spending on infrastructure conservation. Nearly 1.5 Million is spent on project management and legal decisions alone. How much is spent on actually fixing the roads anyways! The illustration highlights the round about nature of legal and committee based decision making.   

MEDIUM: Digital Illlustrator and Photoshop   


THE ARTICLE: A Bridge Too False

THE CONCEPT:  $1.9 Billion is the estimated cost for the new Columbia River Crossing bridge. This has been turned down by the public for several years. Recently, Governor kitzhaber went against the state and threw tax dollars into the project. 

UNPUBLISHED: This illustration was flop. I still enjoyed making it :)