PROJECT: Sunglass Hut "Stop Glaring" global retail campaign. 

DESCRIPTION: Satori Engine was asked by Sunglass Hut to develop a global campaign highlighting the benefits of polarized sunglasses. Previous campaigns had not resonated with consumers. It was our goal to boost sales by purely illustrating the benefits of polarized lenses. 

MY ROLE: Visual Designer & Illustrator. I was a big player from start to finish on this project. I sketched my heart out, brainstormed my head dry and finally built production files and installation guidelines.

THE TEAM: Creative Director- Scott Donnell, Producer- Annette Aranda, Print Manager- Dale Frame 
Stategist/Copywriter- Virginia Vickery, Visual Designer- Brandon hrycyk, Visual Designer- Heather Cummings Industrial Designer- Marty Wallace, 3D and retouching firm Happy Finish

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