PROJECT: Conceptualization and graphic development for Camp Victory, at the Nike 2012 Olympic Trials, based in Eugene Oregon.

DESCRIPTION: Nike asked a number of creative agencies, including Big Giant to help concept the environmental design within Camp Victory, a futuristic retail experience featured at the 2012 Olympic Trials.  

MY ROLE: Contract Graphic and Production Designer. I was included in initial brainstorming, sketching and production design throughout the process. 

THE TEAM: Big Giant Creative Director- Jason Bacon, Art Director-Dan Zimmerman, Graphic Designer- Ryan Massad, Graphic and Environmental Designer- Katie Soule, Account Manager- Cecilia Doan
NOTE: Photos & 3D architectural design renders created by Skylab video by HUSH 



I helped create the track and wayfaring graphics shown throughout. Looks simple,
but it gave me the run-around. HA! I made a punny. 


I never thought I could fit so many portraits in one head. These graphics were nearly 8 ft. tall and I can't remember how long.   

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 11.09.12 PM.png

I helped create this tally wall. Jason Bacon lead the way. These acrylic panels track the progress of athletes during the trials.