PROJECT: GlobalShop afterparty, Chicago 2013.

DESCRIPTION: Every year IDL hosts a VIP after party for Globalshop. Many of our favorite clients participate and for 2013, we saved some trees and went digital! Invitees were asked to create their own avatar to RSVP. All of the characters were later showcased at the party on large format plasma screens. We also supplied a professional Photo Booth, complete with backdrop and 2D props.

MY ROLE: Lead visual/UX designer. I created all of the characters (hairstyles and accessories) for the avatars. I also designed the invites, web page, logo and supporting collateral.  

THE TEAM: Creative Director- Scott Donnell,  Producer- Annette Aranda, 
Programmer- Jeremy Helms, Visual Designer- Brandon Hrycyk


Using IDL brand standards as a platform, I designed a large family of characters. Pictured above is one of the first. We found later that changing the body shape would add a few more months of development to our crazy short timeline. I have so much respect for game and app. developers.  

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 9.10.48 PM.png

I supplied our amazing developer with all the body parts and UI design he needed. 


Happy clients and IDL'ers wielding our 2D props for the camera!