PROJECT: American Alliance of Museums total rebrand.

DESCRIPTION: The American Alliance of Museums asked our team to recreate and refocus their 108 year old brand. We responded with a fresh identity. Including but not  limited to a new name, logo, visual standards, and web template. 

MY ROLE: Utilizing artwork and design direction I laid-out the final brand standards book. I also aided in the design of the new website and created supporting collateral.

THE TEAM: Creative Director- Scott Donnell,  Producer- Annette Aranda, Lead Brand and Visual Designer - Brandon hrycyk, Sr. Brand Designer- Heather Cummings 


After layout out the brand standards book, Satori had it printed and sent out to museums all across the U.S.

HuntStudiImages5 copy.png

Lead Designer Brandon hrycyk and I developed the wire frame and visual stanards for AAM's Website.  


I created all of the collateral pieces for the brand. Membership Card, Bag, mailer, sketchbook and more.